Parenting Plans

Below are articles containing information, resources, and tips that may help you in setting up or modifying your Parenting Plans

The lists below describe a wide range of resources for children, teens, and adults related to divorce, coparenting, stepfamilies, and shared custody. You may want to consider buying or checking outbooks

You may also want to explore parent-focused websites, or films for a range of viewers

If you live in or around Boone or Callaway County, this extensive list of community resources and services for divorcing/separating parents and families may be helpful.

The Coparenting Relationship

Your coparenting relationship will last a long time. An assumption is that you both will maintain a business-like relationship with as little conflict as possible. Look at the articles below for practical advice on how to work with the other parent.


Most children are resilient in the long run, but divorce or parental separation is still a difficult transition. Below is some information and ideas related to children and the experience of parental divorce/separation.


The article below describes the different stages of divorce and what the experience is like for many adults. If you and your ex-partner were not married, but are separating, you may find this article similar to your experiences as well.